Technical Tour

  • DAY 1 – Sightseeing tour of Barcelona during the day

    > Transfer by high-speed train, AVE, to Zaragoza in the afternoon
    > Hotel night in Zaragoza
  • DAY 2 – Sightseeing tour of Zaragoza

    > Visit of Nuestra Señora de El Pilar & La Seo Cathedrals, and the archive of “Casa Ganaderos” which  will be 800 years in 2018 as a sheep livestock cooperative.
    > Visit to Livestocks
    > Visit to Oviaragón Grupo Pastores (farm, classification center in homogeneous groups and fat feedlots).
    > Hotel night in Zaragoza

    DIA1 2
  • DAY 3 – Transfer to Salamanca

    > Stop at a farm of “Churras sheep breed”, an extensive animal production system.
    > Hotel night at Salamanca

  • DAY 4 – Visit to Ovigen and a farm of “Assaf sheep breed” an intensive animal production system.

    > Transfer in the afternoon to Cáceres and visit the old town.
    > Hotel night in Cáceres

  • DAY 5 – Visit the feedlots of OVISO and farms in the Valle de la Serena and Alcudía.

    > Hotel night in Toledo

    DIA3 5
  • DAY 6 - Sightseeing tour of Toledo

    > Lunch in Campo de Criptana
    > Visit in the afternoon to farms in Castilla la Mancha of high production of milk.
    > Hotel night in Córdoba
  • DAY 7 -  Sightseeing tour of Cordoba

    > Transfer in the afternoon to the mountain range of the north of Seville visiting farms at the “Dehesa” (a unique sustainable ecosystem in Europe).
    > Hotel night in Córdoba

    DIA6 7
  • DAY 8 -  Visit to the farm “Dehesa Dos Hermanas” in Andévalo (Huelva)
    This is a farm of 10.000 Lacaume sheep breed of high production of milk and a cheese factory

    > Visit in the afternoon to the “Coto de Doñana” and the chapel of El Rocío.
    > Hotel night in Seville.

    DIA8 1
    DIA8 2
    DIA8 3


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